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Why You Should Run a Landing Page with Google Ads

Do you want to get the most off your Google Ads? Look no further. Everything you need to know in one piece.

Many people have come up with different theories—some based on facts, and experience, while some are born out of thoughts.

They’re two sides to all these; a landing page is most important while using Google Ads, and vise versa.

What may likely work for you might be the reverse of the case if we are to agree that Google Ads is more effective with a landing page. So, I’m going to elucidate based on reasons and experiences so far using a landing page with Google ads.

So, if you want to know why you should run a landing page with Google Ads, you have to sit tight and journey with me.

What Are You Going to Learn in This Article?

  • Reasons a landing page should go with Google ads.
  • How to build a great landing page.

Should You Run a Landing Page with Google Ads?

Yes! See reasons.

Before that, what do you think is a landing page?

In my terms, I see a landing page as a guest house. At the same time, a landing page is the information center, or rather the information dispatcher.

Why did I come up with this definition? Okay! Let’s take a brief and analytical overview of something.

When a user clicks on your ads, where does it take them?

Hold on! It seems I’m moving faster than I should.

One key reason you should run a landing page with Google ads is that it Houses Your Users.

Remember this! Now, back to the question, when a user clicks on your ads, it takes them to your landing page. Imagine you don’t have a landing page for your ads; your users would be houseless.

What do you think is(are) the function(s) of a house? Aside from providing shelter, a house should provide comfort. In other words, a house should contain everything necessary to make a living a comfortable thing to do.

This is the same thing a landing page does; it Houses Your Users, but it doesn’t stop there; it also provides the users with the necessary information about what’s in the house (which is your product or service)

Easy Navigation: A landing page makes it easier and more convenient for your users to navigate.

In a case where someone who uses Google Ads does not have a landing page running with it, on clicking the Ads, where it takes you to is a homepage (I’m convinced you should know what a homepage is).

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The bone of contention, in this case, isn’t that it takes you to a homepage on a click in the absence of a landing page, but with our experience so far on the internet, we all know how a homepage looks like—so bulky, and sometimes confusing.

You clicked on an ad about Toyota Corolla Tyres, and it took you to a homepage. On the homepage, car tires, second-hand car tyres, tyres for racing. How are you going to locate what you are there for? Even if you manage to, it would be after a tedious task of much clicking.


How Is A Landing Page Different?

A landing page is more precise; that’s a big difference. What you see on a landing page is completely related to what you saw on the ads that triggered a click.

In essence, a landing page helps you navigate quickly without stress—it is straight to the point.

High Conversions: The landing page is a key to getting a high rate of conversions for your Ads. Don’t get too excited; a landing page could be the key to high conversions; at the same time, it can be the killer (that’s why further in this article, I have discussed how to build a converting landing page).

Compared to the homepage, where you have to find your way around, the landing page is the last time before ordering. If a user arrives on your landing page, s/he is just a step away from placing an order.

With the landing page; you have Everything in Your Control.

Speaking of why you should run a landing page with Google ads, this point is vital. Creative-wise, a landing page gives you utmost control over certain factors, and these factors include; ‘how a visitor behaves on your landing page after a click.’

By using the landing page, a visitor only gets to see what you want them to see, go where you want them to go, and in fact, do what you want them to do.

Optimized Page Speed: Have you come across a website that takes 2 minutes upwards to load? If you haven’t, then let me tell you, there are!

Why is there such a delay in the load time? It is because the website is too loaded.

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Normally, the homepage would load much slower than a landing page. The homepage is a link to every part of a website (including what’s related to your ads and what’s not). While a landing page is only related to your Ads and your Ads alone.

There are disadvantages if such a thing occurs—slow load time, not every visitor would be patient enough to wait until your homepage loads—after taking an eternity. So, there is a tendency that most of these visitors would turn back out of frustration without even getting to see the details of your advert.

How to Build an Irresistible Landing Page For Your Ads?

Building a landing page for your Google ads, by building, I mean something that would keep your visitors glued, can be draining, but definitely what you can do yourself, and you’ll get the most off it.

Let’s take a look at how you can build a landing page that complements your Google ads, so we’ll use simple and easy steps;

Note: you aren’t be building it from scratch because they are tools that can ease your work.

1. A Landing Page Builder: The first thing you have to do is find the right landing page builder.

There are tons of landing page builders out there; you have to do is to type this into Google and watch it bring out all you need.

“Top 10 Landing Page Builders” the “top 10..” added to it is to make it more precise.

If you don’t see any free landing page builder, don’t come back by calling me. Although they are price-tagged, some are affordable.

2. Choose Your Template: After you have decided on the landing page builder to use, you should have access to various templates. Templates are what your page should look like.

It pays to be careful when choosing a template; some templates are unprofessional.

3. What Should Your Landing Page Be Called?

You have to name your page in this step. It’s not something hard, think of something rememberable and stick to it.

4. Edit: This step is optional. You can choose to edit to your taste if even the template you have chosen doesn’t go well with you completely.

With just a little drag and drop, you will get it edited to your taste. Please, make your design professional; it counts too.

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5. Content: This is the time to create content. What are your ads about? What information do you want your visitors to get?

They are to be contained here. Avoid big grammar, and include Ads-related images if necessary.

6. Domain Name: this is the name your landing page will be identified with. When choosing a name, it is better to keep it relevant and easy to remember because you will be sticking to the name for as long as possible.

This step is where you work on the internal aspect of your landing page.

Ensure that all the links on the page and anything linking to the other are working and there are no broken links.

7. Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is very important if you want your landing page to appear whenever your keywords or related keywords are searched on search engines.

Come up with a cool meta description for your landing page. It is advised that meta descriptions should be kept short for better optimization.

While working on your SEO, keep an eye on your keywords placement.

8. Ready!: Your landing page is now ready for Google and other search engines to crawl.

Why You Should Run a Landing Page With Google Ads – FAQ

Should I use a landing page for Google Ads?

Absolutely! Because a good landing page is a determining factor in your Quality Score. So, yes, you should use a landing page with Google ads. A relevant landing page, to be precise. This helps your ads appear more when your keywords or something related is searched.

What is a good landing page for Google Ads?

A good landing page is Relevant, Trustworthy, Easy, and of course, Reliable.

Can you create a landing page for Google Ads?

Yes! You can create a landing page for Google ads.

What are the benefits of a landing page?

  • A landing page gives in-depth information regarding what you are advertising. It makes your adverts more defined.
  • It contributes to high conversions for your Google ads.
  • Using a landing page, you can increase or build an email list of your own.


Failure to run a landing page with Google ads could cause serious damage in the long run. The time to do it is now.

Although you could part with a few dollars while implementing this, it is worth it.

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