Other TipsHow To Earn Money As A Freelance Writer.

How To Earn Money As A Freelance Writer.

We all have to agree we love money? I mean, who doesn’t??

Lolz. I also asked, “how do I make money as a freelance writer” years ago at the beginning of my career.

The question that leads me into being who I am today; and the same question I would be answering.

I know, right? There is nothing more frustrating than working yourself off without getting enough income, especially when it comes to writing.

We have a lot of successful writers in the world. And we also had ‘me’ five years ago that wanted to throw my pen in the bin and start something new.

Writing is a beautiful job, but we sometimes pass through the phase of questioning everything about money writing.

Is it worth it?

Let me be your guide as I revile the tips on how I became a successful freelance writer that doesn’t need to worry about her bills.

Here’s how you can make money as a freelancer.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner.

What Type Of Writer Are You?

We have different types of writing when it comes to freelance forums. We have a lot! But you have to understand you are just the best when you have more knowledge. Let’s good through some writing forms.

  • Blogging is an online journal where people can share their experiences or information with other readers on any topic. You can make money online by starting your blog or blogging for someone else.
  • Technical writing: “mechanical writing” that’s what I call it; cause it has more to do with writing manuals and handbooks about technology. You need to have a broad knowledge of this to pull it off easily.
  • Content writing: It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for specific platforms, such as social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That’s a sure bet!
  • Copywriting: This is one of the intriguing parts of writing cause its an essential element of effective online marketing. You need to have strong writing skills, communication skills, technical skills, problem-solving skills, research skills. And yes! It would help if you were a creative thinker…
  • Article writing: An article writing is writing written to reach a massive audience with the help of the press. It could be on anything.

So many options, right? You may love the ability to get to know technical terms, but you find yourself effortlessly writing journals.The question is: What type of writing speaks to you? Think about projects that sound more interesting and what you think you would be good at.Remember, it’s your choice!

Create A High-Quality Portfolio.

A writing portfolio is the best way to professionally show off your skills and achievements without sounding braggy or arrogant. I always advise people to create their portfolios first. Your portfolio has a lot to do with you getting a writing job. If you want to be taken seriously as a freelancer, you’re going to need a website that:

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  • Is clear about your writing objectives.
  • Choose a selection of writing samples that best serve the purpose.
  • A personal overview in your portfolio to provide context.
  • Includes your contact information so that potential clients can easily find you

Having a great portfolio lets your client know you are worth the job they are about to give out. If you don’t have any samples in your portfolio, you may have to write for free a few times, so you have some work to showcase.Remember to leave a link everywhere, especially on your social media handles, when you set the world on fire with your portfolio.

Picking The Perfect Niche:

One of the best ways to identify your interests is to take a look at the types of information you already consume.What kind of articles or content do you find yourself reading always? It could be just anything; medical-related, technical write-ups or just novels. Figuring out what types of things interest you can be a great place to start.Whether you are just starting as a writer or have been writing for years, it’s essential to think about finding your niche.When determining your niche, don’t only think about what you enjoy writing about, your passions, or your hobby, but also think about how it can be monetized so you can make money fast.Most writers tend to stick to one or two niches when writing. However, you shouldn’t feel trapped by your initial selections. What drove your interest last year may be different this year. Take time daily, weekly, or monthly to track your stream of consciousness. Review your past entries and see any significant shifts in your focus.And yep! Not all niches pay well. We have the well-priced niches like:The finance, banking, and insurance industries.

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Real estate.
  • Travel.
  • Technical writing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Education and e-learning.
  • Alternative health and wellness.
  • E-Books.
  • Case Studies.
  • Sales Pages or Landing Pages.
  • Online or E-Learning Courses.
  • Video Script Writing.
  • Email Writing.
  • White Papers.
  • Long-form Blog Posts or Ultimate Guides.

It’s time to make all the money moves!!

An Ideal Writing Client:

You might be thinking: who would pay me to write!A little story to warm your beautiful heart. At the beginning of my writing career fives years ago. I had a writing job of 200$- per post( it was content writing for a marketing business). Two years later, I got the same job with the exact word count of about 700 – 900 for double the first prize.That’s a miracle!! Let’s go down to the main deal!Figuring out how to get clients can be baffling.Truth no one wants to hear: ‘You gonna hustle to get writing client!’ The hunting never stops, causing even very experienced freelancers to expand their circles regularly to ensure they have a stable downpour of paying work. This is how we are going to go about it:

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  • Supporting other writers can generate referrals. You never know when your name gets mentioned for a project by a writer who doesn’t have the required skill in that field.
  • Share knowledge that shows you have something to offer; the people who see you speak might pass your name to someone who needs your expertise.
  • Put together a list of your preferred blogs with your social media handle articles. You never know when a client could get interested in your niche by scrolling through social media.
  • Search for websites within your niche that accept articles from writers and send an email.
  • Volunteering may not pay the bills, but it’s a way to get clients back to you. The best approach is to send them an email, tell them why you love their website, and give them a proposal for a few guest post articles you could offer for free.

The more you are online, the more opportunities your future clients will see you. I have been a freelance writer for some years now, and I can see how powerful it is to be on social media.It has earned me well-paying writing jobs over the years.If a client reads your samples and enjoys this aspect of your content, it represents you as a successful writer. And they would waste no time with the hiring!! This can help do money writing.

How Much Should You Bid

You need to make sure you’re charging enough to make a sustainable, comfortable living.Many freelancers find that charging an hourly rate is the best way to get paid fairly for their time and figure out how to bring in their desired income. While others feel it’s best to charge per word.Before setting any prices at the lowest, you need to charge to hit your financial needs.Consider the actual value you would be creating for your clients and make sure you are not leaving money behind. Be sure to add it all up.As long as you continue to deliver excellent written work to your client, you have no worries. Most clients are ready to pay you whatever you need if you give them what they want.You can always increase your rates later in your career and hope your client stays on board. If you start at a price point, you are already excited about, and you will be much more likely to deliver the best and continue increasing your value

Level Up When Pitching

A perfect way to start a writing job is by sending a cold pitch. You could find a blog or website for which you would like to write. Your email shouldn’t be bulky; it should be straight to the point and attention grabby, not more than 69 characters. So get in there, find out who the editor is and send some email!

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Tips to start pitching:

  • Look for other writers on the site. If you see different authors on the blog, it’s a good indication that this client hires freelance writers.
  • Always follow the instructions on a page site highlighting a freelance writing opening.
  • Connect on social media. (I would keep saying this, over and over again). A great way to warm up your pitch is to connect with the client on any social media platforms they are available on.
  • Send samples!! Never send a freelance writing pitch without attaching some writing samples.
  • Always remember to target your pitches. Pick the right section and editor for your story, articles or whatever you are good at writing.
  • Include a clear, concise headline for your article.
  • Attaching our portfolio should come at the end. Include your contact information. Give editors an email and phone number to reach you if they have any questions.

Build Up Your Confidence When Charging

I know writing is a beautiful, beautiful and angelic art that is priceless. Most of us write for the money, but we have to tell ourselves the truth: we feel deeply connected when expressing our words through writing.Being good at your job is one thing; another is having the confidence and the willpower to pull things off. So why bid less if you know your skill is worth more than the amount you mentioned.Trust me; it’s awkward to ask for more money at times. Still, you have to do it cause you have financial needs to settle. Freelance writing is real work and requires many skills and attention to deliver. You should be compensated well for the work you do.When a client asks you how much you charge, never answer with a general quote. Every client is different in their way, so your prices should vary. You will enjoy the work and most likely do a better job when you feel like you’re fairly compensated. Don’t be afraid to pass on some clients if your rate doesn’t work out.A fall doesn’t make you weak; it makes you much more potent.Ready to touch the sky as a successful freelance writer that makes money?

We have thousand and one freelancers that start from scratch. I mean, look at me now! Stephen King, Cameron Crowe, Lynne Trus, Brad Pitt, Isaac Asimov, Willie Nelson, Ray Bradbury. They all started from somewhere, and they are now tagged as the world’s most successful freelancers.That is to let you know you can reach your dreams if you work hard.Follow the seven steps above, and you will be on your way to finding a well-paying writing job that would possibly lead you into being a successful freelance writer.You have to free does wings, darling. Feel the breeze as it pulls your hair back and gives you the full courage to get this through.I believe in every opportunity.!!

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