Guidelines For Writing A MartSavvy Article

MartSavvy authors, like MartSavvy readers, are usually Digital Marketing Experts. We want our writers to share the knowledge they’ve gained, and we’ll be here to assist you along the road. Here’s how to transform an idea into a MartSavvy article if you have one.

Our main purpose is to provide high-quality information. We’d be thrilled if you could write a fantastic essay on your latest project experiences, lessons learned, or things that worked and failed. Your efforts will be recognized with a stipend and full credit. (Obviously.)

Please read this information before contacting us with your idea. It will significantly increase your chances of acceptance.

Who Is Eligible To Submit An Article?

You can! (Unless you’re a spammer, of course.) Our contributors include both expert and inexperienced writers. We can be a terrific venue to publish your first work because our procedure includes editorial monitoring.

You’ll need a concept, something you’d like to contribute, and the ability to write an outline that convinces us that your idea will be of interest to our readers. From there, we can provide you with any assistance you require while you write and modify your piece. We would be proud for you to begin your writing career with us, just as experienced authors did.

What Types Of Articles Do We Publish?

For those who work on the web, we post articles written by people who work on the web. Among them are:
Tutorials – assisting individuals in learning a new technology or guiding them through the creation of a project.Opinion – Do you have a strong opinion about something in our sector that is backed up by research? These can be used as conversation starters.Ultimate Guides – Longer pieces that go deeply into a topic. People will come to this reference piece again and time again.Case Studies – What did you or your business learn from a specific project? These should concentrate on real examples that will benefit others rather than just a good story.

What Doesn’t Make the Cut?

Individual authors are worked with. Pieces submitted on behalf of your CEO or an anonymous member of your team will be promptly rejected. If your CEO wants to write for us, that’s fantastic! Send them this guide, and they’ll be able to contact us just like everyone else.We do not post articles that are clearly intended to be used for content marketing. While your experience with your firm and product is relevant, pieces that contain links to your product or provide a walkthrough of how to utilize it will be rejected. Consider what you’ve learnt rather than how you can sell to our readers.We and our readers are unlikely to be interested in press announcements, listicles, or product reviews.

Sponsored Articles 

Companies that want to boost their visibility while sponsoring quality content can use our sponsored post options. Again, this is not a means for you to place an advertisement; rather, it is a chance for you to associate yourself with some fantastic material for our visitors. A web performance tool provider might fund a series of articles about performance, or an email service would sponsor an article about email design. If you’d like to talk more about this, please contact us.

For Whom Are We Publishing?

Professional Digital Marketers, SEO Experts, web designers, developers, and others involved in the digital world. Assume that your reader is a knowledgeable peer when you write. It’s excellent to write a starter post about a technology (we’re all beginners at something), but you may presume a basic understanding of web technologies.We strive to provide practical advice based on personal experience, as well as well-researched opinions. For additional information on how to write for our audience, see the writing and style guide.

What Will We Expect From You?

When we approve your outline and ask you to produce an article, we ask that you:

  • The article is a one-of-a-kind contribution to MartSavvy, not something you’ve already published.
  • You will collaborate with the editor who has been assigned to you and be open to their suggestions.
  • You’ll work up a delivery schedule with your editor, and you’ll let them know if you’re going to miss a deadline.
  • You agree to follow our publishing policy; this is especially crucial if you’re writing about anything you discovered while developing your own products. If something is unclear, you may always ask your editor.

What Can You Expect From MartSavvy ?

  • It takes two people to make outstanding content:
  • We will pay you at the end of the next month your article is published.
  • We have wonderful, seasoned editors and reviewers who are experts in the fields we cover. They will assist you in ensuring that your content is accurate.
  • We include your photograph and biography in your byline so that readers may learn more about you and your work.
  • We’ll share your article on Twitter and on all of our other platforms.

Send Us Your Pitch

Instead of a comprehensive piece, we’d like to see an outline first. We can frequently assist authors in refining their outline into something we can accept, when we would have rejected the whole piece if they had sent it to us. This article contains thorough information about pitching and why we want an outline.Please submit your pitch using our email and include the following information:

  • What is the article intended audience, and what is their level of experience?
  • What will the article target audience gain from reading it?
  • Why are you the greatest candidate for this job? Include links to other works as well as information about your own skills.
  • Your suggested plan. This will be 200-300 words long, and it will include the primary titles as well as details about what you will cover in each part.

We’re always excited to meet new people and learn about fresh opportunities. We’d be delighted to have you join our team!