SEOFree SEO Tools To Grow Traffic - 2022

Free SEO Tools To Grow Traffic – 2022

Good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is important for more than just search advertisement and getting your site on search engines for relevant keywords. The performance of your entire site lies of your SEO practice.

Search engines provide a glimpse into the desires, inquiries, worries, and curiosities of the general public. From evaluating search traffic to assessing the demand for a product idea to developing the skill you need for great copywriting, understanding the fundamentals of SEO will help you become a more effective entrepreneur overall.

Sadly, many of the top SEO tools cost a lot and for beginners or new startups paying a huge amount for such tools isn’t ideal therefore starting with the free tools is one way to go.

This is the reason we’ve compiled a list of free SEO tools that can be used for your business website.

How do SEO tools work?

SEO tools are basically software that aid in the Search Engine Optimization of a website. They gather information from your website and offer you insights, which makes it simpler for you to make improvements.

You can rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines by effectively using these SEO tools. By improving the quality of your content and optimizing how search engines perceive your website, SEO tools are all about boosting your ranks. This will eventually have a big effect on your business as more people start finding you online.

The best SEO tools often have features like:

  • Analyzing your website’s metrics and visitor information, such as the search phrases or links that led a user there, is known as site analytics.
  • Choosing keywords for your site’s content that are likely to improve its search engine rankings known as keyword research.
  • An evaluation of your site’s content’s overall quality through content analysis. Since it is what makes search engines useful, they do their best to find the “best” information to boost their ranking.
  • Site speed analysis of your site. Many SEO tools come with different ways to measure how quickly your site responds and loads.
  • Backlink research. Finding and examining websites that link to your material. Sites that are often cited by other websites typically receive high ranks.
  • Social media analysis includes tracking social media links to your website as well as popular themes and keywords on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • The health of the website such as Finding broken links, incorrect HTML, missing graphics, etc. The majority of search engines favor “healthy” sites over those with broken links and other technical flaws, even though this is unrelated to SEO.
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With that being said, It can be a little overwhelming to choose the best free SEO tool to raise the rankings of your website.

And so to help your site gain visibility on the Search Engine Result Page, we’ve compiled a list of 10 free SEO tools to help you get started.

  1. Google Search Console

One of the best free SEO tools is Google Search Console, which provides comprehensive information on how well your website performs in Google Search results. You may learn how Google sees your website and improve its performance in search results by using Google Search Console. This tool helps with knowing:

  • The Google search terms that had high impressions and clicks
  • The Google device that your consumers use to find your site
  • Geographical location of your client
  • The landing pages that people used to access your website

You can link your Google Analytics account with your Search Console account for additional analysis of your site’s SEO performance.

  1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. MonsterInsights makes it simple to monitor the success of your SEO campaigns. Connecting your website to Google Analytics is quite easy with MonsterInsights. Without typing a single line of code, all it takes to set up Google Analytics with WordPress is to activate the plugin and make the necessary settings.

Along with measuring SEO effectiveness, MonsterInsights also makes it simple to add other Google Analytics tracking capabilities like eCommerce tracking, form tracking, advertisements tracking, etc. Furthermore, you may assess the general performance of your website right from your WordPress dashboard without logging into your Analytics login.

  1. All in One SEO

One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is All in One SEO, which makes it simple to optimize your website for higher search engine rankings.

To identify issues and potential improvements, you can audit the SEO of your website.

All in One SEO is also user-friendly for beginners and provides notes and explanations for each feature so that anyone can grasp what it does.

Using headline tools, rich snippets, and keywords, you can quickly optimize your pages and posts. Additionally, you can quickly find and rank for extra keywords you might not be aware of with just one click thanks to its SEMrush integration.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have if you want to maximize the results of your SEO efforts, but it can be used as a monitoring tool for SEO. You can gain knowledge from Google Analytics about crucial information like organic traffic, traffic sources, bounce rate, time spent on site, page speed, and more.

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With the help of all this data, you will be able to quickly identify what aspects of your website are effective and which ones are not. You will also gain knowledge about how to improve your SEO, increase site traffic, and boost conversion rates.

Connecting Google Analytics to your website is simple and completely free.

  1. SEMrush

With over 50 tools and some of the top consumer brands in the world on its customer list, Semrush is arguably the most sophisticated and complete SEO tool available.

Along with carrying out all the usual duties of an SEO tool, Semrush also offers a wide range of competitive analysis tools that can be used to compare your website to other, similar sites and provide recommendations on how to improve your rankings.

Like other products, Semrush provides a free trial, however, it only lasts for about 7 days. There is a lot to examine, so be ready to set aside some time to assess the depth and complexity of the tool.

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

It’s simple to optimize your WordPress site and know content performance thanks to the Yoast SEO plugin. Start by installing and activating the Yoast plugin if your website is powered by WordPress.

With the Yoast SEO plugin, users can enhance and change their content in three different ways using the Yoast plugin: SEO, readability, and social. You may label index/no-index pages, define canonical URLs, modify meta descriptions and titles, and change other backend settings on your site using Yoast. This plugin will evaluate the length of sentences and paragraphs as well as other factors to offer each post a readability score.

Additionally, Yoast provides great features that can help you make your content more shareable on social media.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends, as its name suggests, enables you to keep tabs on the subjects and trends that have become popular in your niche over time. To create a contemporary and relevant content marketing plan, use this tool to identify current trends.

Google Trends allows you to see in plain sight how particular trends evolve over time and see people’s search intent using Google Trends. Entering a keyword is the first step in using Google Trends. You may observe changes in interest over time, the topics with the highest interest and other terms people are looking for that question in relation to. To compare trends over time, this tool performs best when paired with other search terms.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tool
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Bing Webmaster Tool includes a full suite of metrics to assist you in analyzing your website and search analytics. Register for a free Bing Webmaster Tools account, add your website and confirm that you are the rightful owner of the domain.

Create or upload your sitemaps after that. Once finished, you may use Bing Webmaster Tools’ features and recommendations to begin optimizing your website and its content.

Bing Webmaster Tools can help with keyword research, reporting, and website crawling to find problems. It’s a good technique to locate any additional information that Google Search Console did not show or receive a virtual second opinion on your website.

  1. Rank Math

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that aids with content optimization. It enables you to simply organize your data and provide meta titles and descriptions. To use this plugin, just download and install it on your WordPress website.

Your content receives an SEO score from Rank Math for each page. This plugin offers suggestions for improving your ranking for the keyword you choose when you use it. You may also find broken links on your website, fix them, and reroute URLs to different sites.

  1. Ahrefs

With more than ten years of experience in the SEO industry, Ahrefs offers one of the best backlink databases online as well as an extensive keyword library that rivals Google’s own. This is made possible by a potent web crawler that routinely crawls the entire internet.

Ahrefs is a great research tool because of its detailed link analysis and extensive keyword database. Finding trending keywords and identifying keywords that are pertinent to whatever project you’re launching is the perfect place to start for websites with a lot of content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which free SEO tool is the best?

The best SEO tool will depend on what you plan to achieve. For content optimization, Yoast SEO is the most widely used.

What SEO tools do I need?

To track your progress, you’ll need basically a combination of more than one SEO tool to effectively optimize your website.

Do SEO tools require a fee?

While most of the tools listed above are free, they have premium plans for users who want more features and functionalities

Final Thoughts

With many businesses now online, one of the easiest and free ways to stand out and get noticed by your customers is through SEO. And if you are just starting then these free tools are all you need to get started.


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