Branding5 Tips For Brands When Picking Influencers To Work With

5 Tips For Brands When Picking Influencers To Work With

Statistics show that as of 2022, 51 million YouTube channels have been created.

Social media influence is the new profound career for most millennials. A week does not pass without someone starting on their content creation journey.

Influencers in the social media space are many, and all of them are out to grow their social media following and get brands to work with. Most, if not all, bring their first foot forward when creating content for their audience.

Social media has grown to be the most popular online marketing platform. Brands have come to appreciate influencers’ impact on the social media space.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and YouTube have a huge following, and brands view the huge following as an opportunity to get their name out there.You want to use influencers as your new marketing strategy as a brand. You go to Instagram and start scrolling. Chances are very high that you will go through so many influencer pages and fail to come up with a decision.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You When Picking Influencers To Work With;

1. What is your Goal as a Brand?

Different brands approach different influencers to help them achieve a certain goal. The goal may be to drive sales, grow their social media following, and educate their consumers on the product.As a brand, decide on your goal, which will help you narrow down the kind of influencers you want to work with.For example, you are a business that makes hair products using organic ingredients. In this case, the best influencers to approach would be the ones that make content related to going natural on their hair. This would be ideal for your business since most people who watch that content are also going natural with their hair.

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2. Does the Influencer produce Authentic content and can interact with their audience?

Authenticity is what differentiates one content creator from another.One of the secrets that content creators use is authenticity. What makes them authentic is their personality and how they choose to engage with their audience.Now that you have narrowed down your choices look for authenticity.You may ask how I look for authenticity; how do I know that this content creator is creating authentic content? Well, keep reading.When going through their social media, a content creator with a voice checks to see if they have a voice and are not afraid to use it. Their personality should instantly come out after you’ve watched one or two videos that they have created.One who is not afraid to share their experiences- whether the experience is good or bad, they can share it to educate their audience. Check to see if they give their honest reviews about products. Some content creators give amazing plugs to their followers if you come across a content creator who gives plugs without getting paid.Interacts with their audience- replying to comments and engaging with their followers is the icing on the cake when working with an influencer. Through the comments and the interaction, you will see how your customers relate to your products. You want to look for someone who engages with their audience and has a genuine interaction with them.

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3. How Consistent are they on their Social Media Pages?

How content creator presents says a lot. A social media influencer who posts regularly should be one of the qualities you should look for. Regular posts show consistency and hard work.The posts, pictures, hashtags, and reels reveal who a content creator is and their effort to stand out from the crowd.These posts will give you the brand a general overview of the kind of content they will create for you if you decide to hire them. Analyze and see if the posts align with your brand goals.

4. What kind of Brands have they worked with before?

You have stumbled upon a page and are finding it hard to tell which niche the Influencer is working in. The best way to find out their niche is to look at the different brands they have worked with.Their previous work shows you the relationship they have with those brands, the kind of content created for them, and the effort put into making the content.For example, the make-up niche and skincare niche are intertwined. A content creator may know what skincare products to use so that your make-up either comes out matte or glowing. A brand in skincare may want to work with such an influencer since they are knowledgeable in both niches.

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5. What is their Rate Card?

Now that you have narrowed down your choices, it’s time to look at your budget.You want an influencer who will work hard and help you achieve your company’s goals, but how much are you willing to pay them?There are two ways of approaching this; the first is giving them money to create content for your brand, and the second is giving them free products to review. Most brands prefer the latter option because it is less costly and convenient.Established content creators will help you come up with amazing content that will reach your target market, but they will not accept your free product offer.Analyze your budget and see which one will work for you.Social media marketing has two sides of a coin. It can help you achieve your goals, and if you are unlucky, it may harm your brand.Influencer scandals can cost your brand time and money and taint your name. Recovering from such damage will be an uphill task, especially in this era where having an online presence is very important.

The bottom line is to do your research using the 5 tips and come up with the best choice to suit your goals as a brand.

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