Branding10 Small Office Fit Out Ideas To Boost Productivity at Work

10 Small Office Fit Out Ideas To Boost Productivity at Work

Do you ever reckon why your office is boring and how it mostly tires you out by the day’s end? Be it a 9 to 5 or a self-owned business, how your office is set out could make or break things for you. Lack of productivity, less interest in getting things done, boring office meets. It can affect anything and everything. Here are 10 small office fit-out ideas that could help you in boosting your productivity at work. These are very small DIYs, or you can easily get them done from any commercial fit-out service.

The Color Scheme

Psychological researches tell us that colors play a huge role in our mental and physical lives. They also have a vital contribution to the visual appeal of literally everything. You see a red McD sign and immediately crave a cheeseburger. Similarly, the red color sparks up hunger and elevates your heartbeats to the point of action, convincing you to buy it. The second color, blue, and intellectual color, can calm your mind and help you focus better. Yellow instigates energizing and positive emotions that can help you with work. Use these colors in your office space and see the difference they make. To top it all off, use green to balance it all, as everything should be perfect. Never forget, balance is the key!

Indoor Garden

Plants and trees are easily very calming, and being close to nature is a plus. Another small office fit-out idea could be having indoor plants and small trees that you can find anywhere, and to be honest, they don’t need a lot of looking after either. Just get them and keep them. They sit there, being their cool self, absorbing light and making you happy. Plants can be a huge mood booster and, in turn, increase productivity for everyone.

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Relaxing Space

Give yourself some time to breathe and relax. Having all that work piled up can be a pain, and those hard hours don’t help either when you have a deadline to meet. Not a problem. When getting your office constructed, get help from any office fit-out services and have them carve out a plan for a relaxing space in your office. This space doesn’t have to be too big, just enough distance from your workspace that it changes the essence of the environment while you are at a much-needed break from work. And a good coffee machine and a ping pong table could be great plus ones in this space! Or maybe an Xbox or a Playstation? Whatever you want.

Light It Up

Lighting is a very important aspect of any office. A working space with less lighting is underwhelming and can be dull. And that is something that you don’t want. A great small office fit-out idea is to have the entire space LIT UP! Use LED lights, and have the whole place shining like a damn showroom, ready to get sold out on the first day of opening. That is how you keep the whole environment engaging and interesting. Another way of doing this can be having huge windows with a great view; it helps keep the mind positive.

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Motivation is the key to a successful team, and any great team or employee needs the motivation to work their way up. You can easily do this by putting up motivational quotes framed around the office. And when you or any coworker comes in and sees the kind of stuff up on the walls around them, it instantly works as a booster for productivity. It’s a mental thing and works like a charm. Do it and see the results in productivity getting better and better.


According to research, people tend to remember more of what is written than what is said. Have whiteboards up all around the office space. It works as a great way to follow instructions and or complete tasks and team huddles. Even if you write something as simple as your name on one of the whiteboards, you will remember it, and so will your coworkers. A whiteboard can work as a canvas for communication and collaboration between departments and colleagues.


Now, who doesn’t love food? Keep your space up with food and snacks running. Healthy ones are the ones that increase productivity and help keep employees happy. For example, bananas, nuts, and chocolates can help the team’s productivity be boosted. And after all, who doesn’t love free snacks and food? That is one way of loving yourself more and more and keeping your time productive. You can even have an office fit-out service install a vending machine that gives out free snacks and drinks. It is also a very engaging way of keeping your team moving.

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Wall Art

Having creative wall art in your office space for people to use and take their creativity out is another great small office fit-out idea. Anyone in the working space can utilize this wall for creative purposes and bring out the best in them. Research shows that a colorful and bright wall in a workplace can greatly affect the mood and contribute to boosting productivity.

Gym and In-House Library

Two great small offices fit out ideas can be having productive areas such as libraries and gym in the office. Gyms and libraries can be great relaxing spaces for people and work as instant mood relaxers. People love to read and are extremely conscious of their health and well-being. Some gym time and some quiet, peaceful time in the gym and the library, respectively, can boost productivity.


Keep your space clean, not just from the mess but also in terms of the air and sound. Nobody likes a messy space, especially when it’s a working area. Research shows that a cleaner environment with better quality breathing air and lesser outside noise can be very relaxing and help you focus on work with a calm and soothed mind, which helps boost your productivity.

Take Away !!

Want to stay productive? Use these 10 small offices to fit out ideas for better output of work and productivity.

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